Re-Build. Re-Design. Re-Launch.

Forget everything you know about UK competitive drifting, because everything is about to change. Gone are the tried and tested formulas, predictable outcomes and extended downtime. The 2017 British Drift Championship will pioneer a world-first event format focusing on constant action and entertainment value.

Expect ambitious venues, extreme layouts, international guests, concrete walls and heart-stopping moments as the BDC replaces the standard motorsport event with the most explosive drift shows ever held in the UK. This re-designed championship gives BDC fans exactly what they want – non-stop automotive insanity.

The 2017 British Drift Championship Calendar:

Round 1 – The Evolution – Rockingham – March 25/26:

Our first custom-built circuit of the year, surrounded by concrete walls, will test driver bravery and resolve when our championship hopefuls meet their biggest challenge to date.

Round 2 – Return To The Thunderdrome – Teesside – May 13/14:

The British Drift Championship returns to the birthplace of the series in 2008. However this time around the infamous high-speed layout is surrounded by immovable objects.

Round 3 – Street Event – Undisclosed – June 17/18:

For the first time in UK drift history, the British Drift Championship will compete on a closed custom street-circuit against the best drivers from across the world.

Round 4 – King of The Hill – Lydden Hill – July 22/23:

The British Drift Championship will utilise a brand-new layout at the challenging Lydden Hill circuit. Expect the unexpected as we re-invent drifting at this iconic venue.

Round 5 – The Takeover – Driftland – August 26/27:

No season would be complete without a visit to the mecca of UK drifting, Driftland. This purpose-built drift circuit takes no prisoners and creates an atmosphere like no other.

British Drift Championship vs. Irish Drift Championship – Super Series – Round 2

Round 6 – Night Fight – Teesside – September 15/16:

The British Drift Championship goes under the lights for a night fight finale at Teesside Autodrome. UK drifting has never witnessed anything like this before.

British Drift Championship vs. Irish Drift Championship – Super Series – Round 3

Drift Games:

With our new faster-paced competition the BDC schedule will see numerous show additions. Now BDC fans get exactly what they want – on-track insanity. The BDC Team Drift Championship will feature at each round and see four car teams work together to win the crowd vote. Add backwards entry, 360 entry, parking drift, wall-run and numerous other crowd-voted competitions and you have a recipe for non-stop action.

British Drift Championship Vs. Irish Drift Championship Super Series:

Ever wondered what would happen if the best drivers from the British Drift Championship faced the best from the Irish Drift Championship in a stand-alone championship? Wonder no more as 2017 sees the launch of a brand-new four round Super Series combining the best talent and venues from both nations. With a host of international stars also lining up to join the title-hunt, this ground-breaking series will see worlds collide and boundaries broken. Who will become our first Super Series champion?

Stay tuned to our web and social media feeds for further information on the 2017 BDC season.