The British Drift Championship are proud to announce one of our BDC 2017 official tire partners, Zestino Motorsport Tyres UK​.

The British Drift Championship have signed a three-year partnership deal with Zestino Tyres UK, seeing the global race tyre company remain a primary partner until 2020. Zestino tyres will also support a number of drivers with both classes of the BDC championship.

“The UK market is relatively new for Zestino. We are confident about the quality of our racing tyres and this has been confirmed by top drivers across the world. When it comes to supporting an international championship, the British Drift Championship was always top of our list. This is where true maniacs destroy tyres on purpose and show their amazing skills. And this is where Zestino Tyres outshine the rest. Zestino Racing Tyres are the preferred choice of professional drifters worldwide and it is now time to unleash them on the UK, so drifters can enjoy a high-quality racing tyre for a super affordable price”

– Roman Kolesar (Zestino Europe)