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BDC, IDC and Formula Drift form strategic alliance

by BDC Admin 8th August 2017

US-series Formula Drift has aligned with the British Drift Championship (BDC) and Irish Drift Championship (IDC) to form a strategic alliance to develop the future rules and regulations for drifting.

“Drifting, by it’s very nature, has always been geographically segregated and this, in my opinion, naturally restricts global progression,” stated David Egan, CEO, Zigen Promotions – British & Irish Drift Championship. “Those in a position of influence generally work independently, without the additional knowledge gained by fellow organizations. I believe this strategic partnership with Formula Drift opens a positive channel to which we can combine resources and experience, with the betterment of the sport being the prime objective. I think the correct time has come to work together for what has always been a common goal: making the sport of professional drifting as successful as possible for all involved.”

The two of the most reputable and longest running drifting organizers have come together to forge a closer relationship to work hand in hand in an effort to improve the sport. As part of the new relationship, BDC and IDC champions will receive Black Magic Formula DRIFT Championship presented by BlackVue Dash Cameras Pro licenses, while the #2 to #8 ranked drivers from BDC and IDC will receive a Formula DRIFT Pro2 Championship license beginning in the 2018.

“We have had long time ties to Europe via various European drivers that have come into the Series,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “There is no better time to deepen these ties to ensure the future of our sport.”

“Professional drifting has witnessed a dramatic increase in global popularity and professionalism within recent years and I feel that much of this success can be credited to the ambitious and methodical approach of the Formula Drift championship,” stated David Egan, CEO, Zigen Promotions – British & Irish Drift Championship. “While we at the Irish and British Drift Championships have certainly forged our own paths and enjoyed numerous successes, we have looked to Formula Drift (as a world leader) for inspiration from afar.”