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Can we beat “The Machine” James Deane?

by BDC Admin 21st March 2018

Let’s go through some statistics – 5 x Irish Drift Champion, 3 x European Drift Championship, 2017 Formula Drift Champion and he’s won just about every championship he has ever contested. It’s easy to see why James Deane is arguably the greatest drifter on the planet, and now he’s coming to compete where he never has before. That’s right – James “The Machine” Deane will compete at select rounds of the 2018 British Drift Championship!

The Cork native is set to complete one of the most hectic drift seasons ever seen, traveling between the Irish Drift Championship, British Drift Championship, Drift Masters European Championship and Formula Drift, but that won’t phase him. After all, he didn’t earn the nickname “The Machine” for nothing.

Deane isn’t coming as a showpiece either; he will be piloting the 700hp 2JZ-powered S14 that has seen him decimate anyone that stood in his way in Ireland and all across Europe in recent years. In 2014, Deane piloted this very car to win every round of the Irish Drift Championship. In 2015, he only competed at 3 of the 5 rounds due to European competition conflicts, and still managed to come 2nd in the Irish Drift Championship.

Following that, the well-documented exploits of his journey to 2017 Formula Drift championship glory behind the wheel of the Team Worthouse Nissan S15 are nothing short of monumental, which saw James stepping out of his comfort zone, into an unknown series, with unknown drivers, on unknown tracks, to compete against, and ultimately overcome, seasoned veterans that would know their way through the streets of Long Beach with their eyes closed.

So you may be thinking that despite his previous accolades, James Deane has never competed in the British Drift Championship before and that he won’t stand a chance? Well it’s safe to say that has certainly never stopped him before, so the question remaining is, can James be stopped when he finally comes knocking on the door of the BDC Pro class this season?

Nobody has stopped “The Machine” yet, so will it be a UK driver that steps up to the plate? Stay tuned to find out!

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