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Guess who’s back!

by BDC Admin 26th March 2018

Ahead of Round 1 this coming weekend, we’re delighted to break the news that one of the most unique cars on the grid is back and ready for business in 2018, as BDC veteran Simon Perry, and the newly formed Team Demolition have broken cover on their 2018 livery just days before Round 1 at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

One statistic that Perry carries into our season opener is that he is the only driver to have competed at every round of the British Drift Championship (BDC) in its 10-year history. At the end of 2017 Perry had decided to retire and hang up his race suit once and for all, but as the off-season deepened, the drift bug began to bite and now, thanks to the help of RJB Civil Engineering, the Leeds native back better than ever.

Simon won’t be alone in his championship charge with Team Demolition though, as joining the ranks of the BDC’s Pro class is his son Brett Perry in his R33 Skyline, with Richard McCourt returning to head things up for the team in the Pro-Am class.

Father and son Simon and Brett have gone head-to-head previously in a BDC practice session, but don’t for one second think that their family ties will get in the way of championship warfare, as we will definitely see doors damaged and paint traded between the two this season.

So with the news that this 3 car team is back for 2018, it’s definitely time to get excited for our season opener this weekend. And if you think the team is back for one last furore this season, think again, as we’re sure their 2019 plans may even be more “Speciale”.

Make sure to check out Team Demolition in the pits this weekend at BDC Round 1 at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

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