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Japspeed partners BDC 2018

by BDC Admin 27th March 2018

The British Drift Championship (BDC) is delighted to announce that long-term supporters and competitors in the BDC, Japspeed, have once again partnered as a primary partner for the upcoming 2018 BDC season.

“We have worked closely with the British Drift Championship for many years now as a sponsor and a provider to the championship. We specialise in creating products that are focused towards drifting and other forms of motorsport and are used in our competition drift cars as well. We feel it is an important championship to be part of as it is at the top of the competition UK drifting and proves to be a great place for the best to battle it out and put our parts to the test!

Our products are designed, developed and tested and stand the test of time and competition, backed by our lifetime warranty on parts to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have modified and adjusted products based on competition feedback to help our customers reach the extremes of their potential and to allow the boundaries of drifting to be pushed! We look forward to another year of partnership with the British Drift Championship.”

– Paul McCallum – Director, Japspeed

Following the announcement of the partnership, BDC CEO, Dave Egan was proud to have the expertise and support of Japspeed both on and off track for the 2018 season.

“Think of high-level competitive drifting in the UK and the monochrome livery of Team Japspeed comes to mind. They have set the standard on and off track for the past 10 seasons of BDC and are continuing to support us in our aim to improve the sport year after year. Japspeed products have powered numerous champions to glory and when it comes to quality, reliability and performance, they certainly practice what they preach.”

– Dave Egan – CEO, British Drift Championship

With 2017 BDC Pro champion Matt Carter on track to create history with 3 Pro titles this season, Japspeed definitely has the products you need to be the best so check out their website for a broad range of amazing products and all of their social media channels, which you can find links to over on our Partners page.