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2019 BDC information!

by BDC Admin 2nd December 2018

What’s happening in 2019?!

As much as we’d love to tell you all the juicy news about 2019… Right now we feel that would spoil the surprise!

Since it was unveiled at Rockingham that Matt Stevenson had taken the reigns of the British Drift Championship things have been shaping up nicely. The team is building, the calendar is being created, the drivers are signing up and the excitement is building! British drifting has never been talked about so positively. Everyone is finally pushing in the same direction, whether it be the internet warriors, the dedicated fans or the eager drivers, every last one wants the same thing… A YEAR OF DRIFTING LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!


So what’s to come… keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be full of announcements!

Track releases

Driver line up

Rules & Regulations

Big changes

New merchandise

Season ticket Christmas specials


You will not want to miss the 2019 season!