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BDC 2019 Official Videographer

by BDC Admin 3rd January 2019

For 2019 we have a new head of videography here at the BDC, the standard has been so high in the recent years so we definitely didn’t want to let that slip. The man we have chosen is Kriss Klasons and we think he’s more than capable of filling the big boots.


Here’s what Kriss had to say –


“ I remember the day I started filming the British Drift Championship, I always liked the official videos since day one, thought to my self few times, It would be great to do what ‘ Josh ‘ Official Media is doing.

There were several times where I wanted to give up, but Im proud that I did not give up ( my Family / Friends always supported me with what I’m doing and told me to never give up, you will become successful one day , and I listened to them and kept making cool stuff.

But when I got phone call from new BDC owner Matt Stevenson ‘ In early October’ and offered me to be part of his team , just blew my mind and my dreams have come true. Bring on 2019″


Kris has the enthusiasm and fresh ideas to create great things so hopefully he can keep you all entertained. Make sure you let us know what you want to see more and less of in the videos!


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