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BDC 2019 Official Media

by BDC Admin 5th January 2019

It didn’t take the BDC team long to decide who they wanted as official media, the only question was would he say yes. The call was made to Matt Bease and the answer was a YES. Here’s what he had to say to us…


I began my photography career in early 2016, after being brought up around cars throughout my childhood, and progressively finding out about drifting in late 2012 after an event held at what is now Driftland on the oval. I then followed drifting closely from then on and in 2016 I picked up a cheap DSLR camera and began to shoot drifting and created my own Facebook page called BeasyMedia.


My first on track experience was Gatebil at the main event in July 2016 which was Possibly the most outrageous way to begin track side photography. After that event I had it set in stone that I wanted to make something out of motor sport photography, more specifically drifting, so throughout 2016 I continued to do media at Driftland, which then turned into a work position during the 2017 season doing all the media for the company at events, alongside doing my first full season of the British Drift Championship.


In 2018 I progressed my media further by going full time with media and covering both the British and Irish drift championship, for various companies and drivers. 2018 also so my most memorable and proud moment in my short photography career. I was invited to Liverpool to do a one on one shoot with Mad Mike Whiddett and Redbull. I was asked to produce images and a video to promote the Drift Shifters event that they were holding in august 2018.


Before it was announced that Matt had bought the BDC from Dave Egan, I was asked to come on board as the photographer for the championship, and I had no hesitation to become part of the new team for the championship. Through meeting The Slide motorsport team way back in 2013 at the Driftland grand opening and seeing how passionate they were about the sport I knew that Matt and his team would continue to make the brand become bigger and better. I am excited to get into the 2019 season and produce the media for what is going to be a very exciting BDC season!