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We finally released the dates and most of the venues to the world last week. Everyone has been talking about it, 2 undisclosed venues, a brand new venues and 3 rounds we know always deliver!



Round 1 is Teesside Autodrome, over 10 years the BDC has been going there so we couldn’t miss that!

Round 2 takes us too Driftland in Scotland, the only drift specific track in Europe!

Round 3 is in Sunderland… we can’t quite announce that one officially yet but your in for a treat!

Round 4 is another undisclosed venue but we are certain you’ll be rushing to buy tickets

Round 5 takes us back to 3 sisters in Wigan, after an amazing round in 2018 we wanted it on the calendar!

Round 6 takes us to the all new Buxton Raceway for a spectacular 3 day event, something totally new to the BDC!


Season tickets will be available again soon as will individual round tickets so keep your eyes peeled! We will also be releasing the drivers handbook soon so if you want to be on track this year you’ll need to see that!


We’d like to thank you all for the support so far, lets start the count down to round 1!