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Tarmac Sportz onboard with the BDC for 2019!

by BDC Admin 19th January 2019

Over the Coming weeks we’ll be releasing officially who is partnering up with us here at the British Drift Championship for 2019. There is no real order to it but we wanted to release Tarmac Sportz first as they really believed in our new vision and what we have planned from the start!

If you haven’t already heard the name Tarmac Sportz we’d be surprised, they have been around drifting in the UK for a good few years specifically supporting the awesome driver Ian Bizz Phillips.



This year however Tarmac Sport wanted to get behind the Championship to get even more coverage. We at the BDC only want to be associated with good brands and Tarmac Sportz tick all the boxes there. Tarmac Sportz are the number 1 choice for aftermarket performance parts, huge selection of wheels, suspension and Europe’s largest selection of performance brand exhausts. Not only that though they offer a full in house fitting service for any of the parts purchased from themselves.


Chris said – ‘ I have been watching the BDC with my family, friends and sponsored drivers for many years now, I’m really happy Tarmac Sportz are working directly with the BDC and looking forward to being part of the UKs fastest growing motorsport in 2019’


Later in the year we will go back to their premises in Derby and do a full in depth feature to show off in a lot more of what they can offer.

Matt Stevenson the Director of The British Drift Championship told us – ‘We have dealt with Chris @ Tarmac Sportz for a number of years now via my other business Slide and he always delivers exactly what he says. People like Tarmac are the exact type of brand I like to be involved with. It’s easy to promote an honest business and I’m really excited to be working closely with them this year!’


Want to know more, head on over to their website and have browse – Tarmac Sportz


  • Evening,
    When are the tickets on sale for the Ultimate showdown at the three sister race track?
    Kiamini Martin

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