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obp Motorsport is a brand most people in the motorsport world will be familiar with already, they have supported lots of big name drivers like Baggsy for many years now.  This year along with their select key sponsored drivers they have jumped on board with us here at the British Drift Championship!


obp Motorsport sell a huge range of products, widely known for their pedal boxes in various form but over the years their range has expanded to include a huge range of amazing looking products, from fuel tanks to pump, swirl pots to hydro’s! If you have a modified car they 100% have a list of parts for you!

We spoke to James Oliver the Group Sales and Marketing Manager  at obp Motorsport –

“We are extremely excited to be working alongside the British Drift Championship for 2019! Since the start of obp Motorsport we have been heavily involved with many famous drifters including Baggsy, Both Shanahan Brothers, Nigel Colfer and many more world wide. For 2019 we have decided to go back to our roots and support the highest level of the sport in the UK. Roll on Round 1!”


Keep your eyes peeled in the future where we’ll be offering out some awesome prizes to not only the drivers but to you fans at home!!


We chatted to Matt Stevenson the Director of BDC about this new partnership with obp Motorsport –

“obp Motorsport are another great company to have on board, I’ve known James a few years now, he knows how good the drifting market is so was keen to get involved this year. I was lucky enough to go out with Grant the MD and a few of the team at Autosports a few weeks ago for some food one evening and we had a great time. They provide a brilliant service to everyone whether it be a new customer wanting advice or a trade customer who spends thousands. I’d highly recommend looking at their product range if you haven’t already!”


There are a few other exciting things in the pipeline with the team at obp Motorsport and the BDC but we don’t want to let all the secrets out just yet. Have a look at the obp Motorsport website HERE