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Samco Sport are one of the British Drift Championships longest sponsors, they have worked with both the previous owners and we’re really happy to announce they are carrying on that partnership through out 2019.

Samco Sport make silicone hoses for just about every application you can think of, if they don’t already list it then they will even do one off hoses. Not only do they have thousands of different applications, every one is available in over 20 colours!!

When you look under the bonnets in the pits at BDC you will find most of the grid already using Samco Sport products. Drifting really does test the limits of products so only the best will do!

What is also great is that every hose is made here in the UK, we’re going to take a visit back down to the Samco Sport factory later in the year and do a little bit of filming to show off exactly what goes into each and every hose!



“Samco Sport are really pleased to again support the British drift series in 2019, it’s great to hear what Matt and his team have lined up for the BDC going forward and we look forward to working with them on delivering the best year ever for British drift” – Phil Dowling – Marketing Manager at Samco Sport


We got a few words from Matt Stevenson the BDC director –

“It’s great that a huge brand like Samco Sport not only sponsor the series but continue to be involved year on year. It was an eye opener for me seeing the attention to detail being put into making each hose at the factory. I’m looking forward to going back and doing some filming to hopefully show more people whats involved and why people should buy quality products from Samco Sport as opposed to the others. It’s going to be a great year working with the team!”


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