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Another day and another great company get onboard, this time it’s Corbeau Seats! Corbeau have some of the best, safest and greatest value for money seats on the market. It’s not just seats though, they specialise in Harnesses and a list of other great products.


Corbeau Seats Ltd was the first motorsport seat manufacturer in the world. The original Corbeau Equip was launched back in 1963 by original owner Colin Folwell. Colin found that standard road seats in his race car did not offer the support nor protection required by the tremendous speeds being produced by race cars at the time. Therefore he developed the first ever race car seat here in East Sussex, where Corbeau Seats still proudly produce road and race seats.

“I’ve personally used Corbeau Seats in my own drift cars for the past 10 years so it goes without saying they’re my first choice. We deal with them regular at Slide, great products, never have issues and they’re a great bunch to deal with. They tick all the boxes! I’m excited to be working with them a lot more this year!” –

Matt Stevenson, BDC Director


Take a look around the pits at the next event, you’ll see how many drivers insist on using Corbeau Seats already because they have such a good reputation!


Whether it be the amazing value for money Corbeau Clubsport Seats or their awesome looking Sportline Elite seats or anything in between they have you covered! Remember though it isn’t just seats, they have you covered for all your safety needs! Head over to their¬†website to have a look!