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It’s an honour to be able to announce that Simpson Europe will be sponsoring the BDC for the 2019 season.
Simpson Race Products are the foremost specialists in all things safety within the motorsport world. The company originally founded in 1959, when they set out making brake shoots for drag cars, meaning they have an amazing 60 years of knowledge behind them! Moving forward into the modern day and they make a huge range of products including helmets, HANS devices, harnesses, race suits and much much more.

Not only are they going to be partnering to sponsor the BDC for this season, but they will also be providing the drivers with a safety seminar to educate everyone on why the regulations are in place. It’s all about letting everyone have the insight into what we are doing and why we are doing it, to keep them protected out on track. Hopefully with the reassurance that everything is as safe as can be will give them the confidence to push the driving more and more to the extremes we all want too see!
Matt Stevenson, BDC Director had the following to say about the deal with Simpson –
“I was fortunate enough to be involved in a safety briefing with Simpson last year, and to say it was an eye opener would be an understatement. Driver safety is one of the most important things to me, having a world renown company like Simpson behind me gives me the confidence that we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe. I can turn to them when needed to clarify any of our safety regulations.”
I think everyone from the pit crews to the fans alike will agree that keeping their favourite drivers good and safe is going to be of huge importance! If you want to see more of the amazing products that Simpson create then head over to their website to check them out, and if you want to see some of the devices in action then go have a look at the Facebook page.