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We’re at a very exciting time as the presence of competitive drifting grows more and more, and we find ourselves able to work with all sorts of different brands. Another one of the amazing companies partnering and helping the BDC grow this year are AM details.
AM details make the best and most accessible cleaning and detailing products on the market today, they have an extensive range covering everything from cleaning fluids and car shampoos, through to paint sealants and repellents. It’s not just fluids they also supply just about every cleaning accessory you could think of, so with a range like this there is no excuse why your car shouldn’t be sparkling and spotless!
Part of what makes AM details such an inspiring company to work with is not only their fantastic selection but it’s the giveback they have for both the drifting community and the motorsport world alike. They sponsor drivers all around the world to get them competing in events such as Formula G and the World Rallycross Championship, and now they’re here once again to join together with the huge scene at the British Drift Championship!

Here’s what the Director of the BDC Matt Stevenson had to say on the new partnership –
“I’ve known of AM Details for a while now, but only recently got to know Alan the man behind it all. One of the perks to this job is to be able to work with like minded passionate people like Alan. He has such a drive to do the best he can in all he does, I can’t wait to start selling and promoting the AM Details brand both at BDC and at Slide also.”
Alan Medcraf owner of AM Details released the following statement about the BDC sponsorship for this season –
“We are super excited to once again be supporting the British drift community, and what better way to do that than to fully back Matt, his team and their vision for the BDC this year, by sponsoring them once again for another season! We like to sponsor this exhilarating motorsport not only because of the family friendly atmosphere, but to push our chemicals to the limit and show everyone they’re not just for the garage queens! They really work for active everyday motorsport vehicles, and this is great way to show you the extremes we can drive them too!”

If you want to pick up some of the game changing selection that AM details have to offer then you’ll find them on sale in the BDC shop at every round of the tournament this year. If you can’t wait until then to get your hands on it then make sure you head over to their website to take a look what they have to offer, and you can see more of their products in action over on YouTube.