BDC Buxton Cancelled


There is no easy way for us to announce it, but as many of you are expecting, after Saturday’s announcement of another National Lockdown, there is no way for us to run the BDC final at Buxton.
After a year of constant challenges and replanning everything time and time again, we are devastated to be losing the final event of a calendar that truly overcame all the odds.
We’ve looked over all the options over the weekend and sadly there is no way we can run the event as planned. Where we are of course all devastated by this news, we’re very thankful to have still been able to run 4 events during a year when many others haven’t been able to operate at all.

Ticket Holders

We’ll be contacting ticket holders with your options for exchanging and refunding your tickets, and we will announce to everyone soon on what this means for the season standings etc.
We had restocked several merchandise items ahead of the event so please make sure you check out the store and consider treating yourself to something, it would help support us massively!
For now, we’d like to thank everyone from the drivers, crew, fans, media and of course the amazing sponsors of the series who have stuck by us and believed in our vision as it has evolved over the last year.
We do have to prioritise the safety of our team, drivers and crew during this difficult year, and if the nation pulls together again now we are hopeful to be able to get back into more regular stride next year.

BDC 2021

We’re already getting stuck into 2021 plans and we can promise you the BDC will be back and better than ever before, so stay safe and we will update you all as soon as possible.
Need some entertainment for during the lockdown? Why not get signed up to BDC Insider today, you can use the code “LOCKDOWN35” to save 35% off the first 12 months of your membership! We’ve got plenty of bespoke content on there to keep you busy and we will be releasing loads more during the off-season as well!


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