BDC Insider

We’re very happy to be revealing the new BDC Insider platform, we’ve opened up a limited amount of access for people to get signed up NOW!
This is strictly as part of an early access program that gets users a lifetime price of just £5 per month in exchange for getting on board early whilst we build up to the main launch.
We’ve got some amazing content in the pipeline for this year, as well as having a new and exclusive home for the improved livestream service.
Trust us when we say, things are going to get pretty wild with this new platform and those of you who take advantage of this early access pricing will be fully helping to support and fund all the features we’re making throughout the year.
Add on to this the new forum, which gives you a chance to directly influence the direction we go with content and lets you have your say on the events, you’ll never have a more interactive media experience.

This is BDC Insider, and this is the future of UK drifting, so head over and get signed up today for early access and watch as we build the new home for drifting media!

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