BDC Insider

We’re very excited to be able to announce our brand new media platform, BDC Insider.

This brand new on-demand platform will be launched at a bargain price, it will be the exclusive home of the all-new and improved Livestream, featuring a brand new graphic system and improved cameras, as well as a few additional upgrades. It will also be the only place you can see our brand new in depth video series, and behind the scenes never before seen footage of what goes into running the championship. We’ve got many other projects in the works for this including a brand new wrap up show, a new “Hall of fame” documentary series, and more in-depth driver interviews and build breakdowns.

We want to be clear, this is more than just a PPV service, this is a brand new fan backed model for the championship that will ensure the future growth of the BDC, and allow us to keep pushing the championship forwards.

Sign up is live now, and early access gets you on for just £5 per month FOR LIFE! Don’t hang around and show your support for the BDC today!

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