BDC Partnership With Novus Financial Solutions

Many of you will be familiar with the saying “You can live in a race car but you can’t race a house”.
This statement on a core level does hold some truth, but in reality, wouldn’t make the human
experience very enjoyable. That’s why you need a home, and with around 70% of the population
looking to buy, we partnered with Novus Financial Solutions to help you make this process as easy as

Novus Financial Solutions are a whole market mortgage brokerage and they have a huge wealth of
knowledge with over 30 years of combined experience. They can help assist you with several
different services including –
– Residential and buy to let mortgages
– Specialist Mortgages
– Remortgaging your home and releasing capital
– Life insurance

So why choose Novus? Well, other than the fact that they are vastly experienced with great contacts
in the mortgage industry, they are a partner of the BDC! They have helped to make this year possible
for us, so we should help them in return. You might be thinking the Novus logo looks familiar, and that is because Jon Smith (The driver of the LS swapped NC MX5) is part of this amazing partnership
with the championship. This deal has been made from inside drifting, and will not only help BDC fans
to find their feet on the property ladder but will also be propping up the series! What’s more, they’ve pledged a £100 discount on their service if you approach them through the BDC website, or
quote BDC to your adviser.

So if you’re a first-time buyer looking for a property, hoping to upgrade to a bigger house as your family grows, need a commercial property for a new chapter in your business venture, or you’re looking to release equity from your home, then it would be well worth a conversation with the super knowledgeable and friendly team at Novus Financial Solutions!

Get in touch with them today through or call them on 02039621940 to
see what they can do for you!

* Offer available upon successful completion of a mortgage only. See full terms and conditions at

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