BDC X DMEC Partnership 2021

First of all let me say, everyone on the team at BDC is a huge fan of drifting, and for those of us who do it full time it’s an amazing privilege to make our living from it.
As they say though, every coin has two sides and one of the issues is that you don’t really get to enjoy the events as much when you’re working them, and as we touched on quite heavily in the Three Sisters vlog, we definitely don’t get to watch much track action during the weekend.
So what do we all love to watch… Driftmaster’s European Championship! Honestly every round I’m on RedBull TV tuned in and cheering on the UK’s best talent and a few European superstars we’ve grown to love (Tor Arne Kvia being a personal favourite of mine!).
Hopefully next year COVID does one and we’ll get the chance to go to more of these epic events in person and show you some of what goes on, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Amongst the most asked questions, I get from fans and drivers alike would be, what do you actually have to do to drive in DMEC? Back in 2018 you “just” had to finish at the very top of the BDC Pro class, and you’d be offered the chance to drive in Europe with the best in the business, but with so many drivers from so many countries getting involved with the series they made some changes.
Since then it’s an application-based system (much like our own very successful permit scheme). DMEC looks for those who have proven themselves on a professional championship level, with well-presented cars and the fan base to match, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be selected to jump onto the most challenging grid there is to do battle with the best in the game!

This is why we’re thrilled, as the UK’s premier drift Championship, to be the primary talent pool for British drivers to get the opportunity to head off to the next level of competition.
Matt Stevenson, BDC Director recently chatted to David Egan, DMEC Vice-President regarding progression systems and the route to DMEC, it’s a big step up but the likes of Martin Richards and Baggsy have both gained podiums in the series so it proves we have the talent. The question we all want to know now is who will be the next one to progress to that level?

We truly love seeing how Dave and the team keep pushing the level of action on track, refining the nature of the events and of course, absolutely smashing the level of Livestream production beyond anything we’ve seen so far!
Hopefully in the future, we’ll finally be able to collaborate and work to bring the big guns to the UK for the drifting fans, and until then, if you want to work your way to drive on the best grid in Europe, you want to get yourself on that BDC grid for 2021!

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