DMEC Season Cancelled

This year has certainly proved problematic for the drifting world to say the least, but we stand strong regardless.
It’s not easy to make announcements like this but the DMEC team have made the difficult decision to cancel their season for 2020, meaning that they will no longer be able to attend the Teesside event we have on October 2nd, 3rd & 4th.
We have worked closely with them but with the greater restrictions around Europe due to the pandemic there was no logistical way that their season could take place, you can find out more info on why over on their official press release.
For our fans, we know that this is disappointing news to have (especially so close to our season launch) but we can promise you all an amazing weekend of drifting packed with action, and maybe a few special drivers along with it.
Our October event will still be taking place on the same dates and will now feature both the Pro and Pro 2 classes of the BDC.
We’ll update you with some more information about this in the coming weeks, thanks once again for all your support during these unprecedented times.

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