Drift Merch Unbox – Red Bull Spect Eyewear x Drift Brothers

Ever since drifting transitioned from the mountain passes of Japan onto the racetracks, drifting merchandise has accompanied it. Every fan of this sport owns at least one hat, shirt or sticker emblazoned with their preferred driver, event or championship. But what happens when one – or rather, two – of those drivers are sponsored by one of the biggest names in motorsport?

Enter Johannes and Elias Hountondji – better known as The Drift Brothers. They are, as the moniker suggests, two lunatic siblings from deepest Deutschland whose unique and imposing brace of drift cars have been a mainstay on the European drifting scene for the last few years. Joe’s LSX S13 and Eli’s LSX E30 are liveried with one of the most famous sponsors a driver could wish for – Red Bull.

Red Bull is now equally as famous for its motorsport achievements as it is for its energy drink, and with the brothers on board, they have teamed up with it’s SPECT Eyewear to give the brothers their own signature sunglasses. This is a huge step not only for the brothers themselves but for drifting as a whole. Let’s see what they’ve got for us!

Lifting off the lid of the two-piece laminated box reveals a dark grey nylon clamshell case with a thick red zip. A high quality and solid case, this will be the easiest way to keep the shades intact. Unzipping the case reveals the shades themselves, plus a thoughtfully-included cleaning cloth.

On to the glasses themselves. The frames of the glasses are a thick, translucent plastic with soft-touch rubber around the nose, forehead and ear contact points, ensuring a comfortable fit without the worry of the glasses sliding off with extreme G-forces. The slim overall profile of the glasses shows they are clearly designed to be worn under a helmet, giving the wearer maximum protection from the sometimes brutal glare inside drift cars.

The lenses come in a choice of two tints. Each of the brothers has a different tint on their helmet visor, so the glasses reflect their choice. Fans of Eli will pump for the Gold tinted lenses whereas Joe’s supporters will no doubt be rocking the Blue tint. Whichever pair takes your fancy, the rubber overmoulds on the frame will be coloured to match.

Not only do these glasses represent a huge milestone in the brothers’ undoubtedly fruitful drifting careers, it also shows how the caliber of drifting in Europe is now to such a standard that multi-billion dollar corporations are launching into merchandise deals with it’s upper-echelon drivers. What more could you want?

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