Drifting And Stunt Driving

Drifters are, by the sheer nature of their preferred sport, required to have phenomenal car control and the ability to balance a car on a perfect angle through a variety of obstacles is a skill that many are not blessed with. 

So, when the big-shots from the entertainment industry want some stunt driving performed, where do they go? To drifters, naturally!

One of the most prolific stunt drivers in the business is two-time Formula Drift champ and former host of Top Gear USA, Tanner Foust. The multifaceted driver has stunt driven for dozens of Hollywood films, including Le Mans 66, Need for Speed, The Dukes of Hazzard and of course, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. 

Other multiple FD champs have also strapped into a car in front of Hollywood’s cameras. James Deane and Fredric Aasbo both performed the stunts for the chase sequence in the Netflix movie 6 Underground. Directed by Michael Bay, and starring Ryan Reynolds, the man whipping the vivid green Alfa Guilia at top speed through a cityscape is indeed, The Machine.

It does not stop with FD champs in movies though. Drifters are being called up as stunt drivers in all facets of entertainment. 

The BDC’s own Oliver Evans is the UK’s resident stunt driver, having appeared in commercials for Ruroc helmets and multiple music videos for various rap stars, one noteworthy example being Birmingham rapper Mist’s “Savage” video, alongside his Washloo team-mate Josh King. 

DMEC driver Martin Richards has also dipped a toe in the world of stunt driving for music videos, having driven a Z06 Corvette alongside Nigel Colfer’s Dodge Demon in the video Rita Ora’s single, “New Look”. 

Something appears to draw the entertainment industry to drifting when they want something impressive done in a car. Why is that? Well, it’s simple. As we have said before, drifting is rather far removed from the concept of racing, and falls far further into the sphere of entertainment. It is visually impressive, and someone who wishes for their entertainment medium to feature vehicles naturally looks to what can make it stand out. 

So, drifting, as a sport, might just be creeping into the hearts and minds of some very important people…

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