Phil Morrison

Car Toyota Corolla AE86
Engine LSX 7.4L
BHP 720
Toyota Corolla AE86

Other members in team Driftworks:

Phil Morrison is a true legend within the UK drifting scene, with achievements under his belt including winning D1GB 2006, EDC 2009 and BDC 2010.

His car is a truly unique one-off build (something we’d expect no less from a man with such an incredible personal car collection), with an LSX heart powering a AE86, now dubbed as the DW86.

Phil is now more or less retired from the BDC ranks, focusing on running his Driftworks brand, but still shows up from time to time and proves to everyone he’s not forgotten how to get down behind the wheel.

His 2018 showing at the last event ever held at Rockingham saw him take out Mitch Larner in the Top 32, and he even took a top 8 finish at High Roller at NEC in 2019.

When we will we next see Phil pop up and school some young drivers?

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