Battle Royale – Driftland


Battle Royale has always pushed to do something different.
From double knock-out tournaments to freestyle sessions we’ve tested alternative formats.
This time as we head to Driftland for the first time ever, we will once again be moving in another direction.
For the first ever standalone Battle Royale event we will be running a much more traditional format, however this event will be unlike any before it.
We’re going to bring in a criteria more familiar in the Eastern disciplines of drifting.
An entry that focuses on snap to angle using speed and inertia!
Instead of smooth sweeping transitions we will be looking for fast snappy movements.
A line and layout balanced to suit cars of all power.
Impact of entry and proximity over the finish line will replace the need for big angles throughout.
A simpler line with less clipping points to focus drivers on technique.
This format will be tailored to produce aggressive and exciting battles, it’s an opportunity for those who want to showcase something different to what is seen in current UK drifting competition.
How will we be achieving what is set out above? Through careful selection we are putting together a judging panel with a vast wealth of knowledge about the techniques involved.
This panel will be lead by Yohann “Yogi” Quaziz.
Do you have what it takes?
Will you be a part of the competition that stands apart from the rest?
To apply to drive just message the Battle Royale Facebook or Instagram page with your car spec, competition history and why you should be on the grid.

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