Extreme Tyres – Get A Grip!

Drifting, as we’ve said before, is an extreme sport. And because it’s an extreme sport, it requires tyres to match.

Good thing we’ve got that handled! Enter Extreme Performance Tyres, one of the new sponsors of #BDC2020! Extreme Performance Tyres was established in Poland in 2013, with the goal of giving motorsport competitors an affordable product which performs just as well as the top manufacturers. 

Since their inception, Extreme have advanced from a single tyre in 2013 to four different treads, with a full-slick tyre currently in development.

Extreme have “drift compounds” for sale specifically for the sport. Designed with heat management and tread wear to grip balance in mind, the Extreme VR1s are a common choice among the BDC grid. The VR1 tyre also has multiple configurations depending on grip and tread wear, and it even has a “coloured smoke” compound for the showboaters out there! Extreme also supply a wet-weather compound which can be deployed should the track start to change condition!

The VRC tyres are designed for the ultra high-grip, high power applications which are found in the very top level of competitive drifting, and is a must for anyone pushing over 700 horsepower. 


With a great choice of compounds, high performance and a super-competitive price point, it’s easy to see why a lot of drivers on the BDC grid are moving over to Extreme! Slide Motorsport drivers Ash Jones, Adam Simmons and Stu Jones all have their 500 horsepower monsters clad in Extreme, and not only are Extreme supplying tyres this year, they are also changing them at every round!

Ash Jones had this to say about Extreme Tyres:


“Perfect. Initially, I wondered if there were too many compounds, but, after driving on them, it all works really well, and the ability to change compound is actually advantageous, because if you decide you want more grip, you can change tyre compound instead of having to fiddle with the settings of the car, more like F1 or Touring Cars. And the wet compounds are like driving on Superglue!”

That’s a pretty ringing endorsement if we’ve ever heard one! So, the next time you fancy some new rubber, why not go to the Extreme?

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