Extreme Tyres join as a BDC partner for 2020

It’s fantastic to be able to partner with a brand that is growing as fast as Extreme Tyres, last year you’ll have heard the name being mentioned on a serious level, with competitors like Martyn Cowley opting to run these high-performance tyres.

Extreme Tyres deliver an amazing performance tyre (tried and tested out on the track), at a fraction of the cost of competitor brands, meaning you can get the same operational benefits as the drivers on the BDC grid! Grip is more and more important in the sport of competitive drifting and Extreme Tyres is a shortcut to getting your car dialled in on that high-performance level!

Extreme Tyres are not just on board to support the championship, but also to expand more with the driver grid as well, so together we have launched the incredible Extreme Tyres driver program for #BDC2020. With the backing of Extreme Tyres, the drivers will be eligible for some amazing saving opportunities, and everyone knows the more you save the more seat-time you can get!

Head over to the Extreme Tyres website to check out the various options they can offer and make sure you pay attention to their social pages for all the latest info. BDC drivers head to this years driver group if you’d like to know more about what they can do for you!

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