Funk Motorsport and BDC Partnership continues into 2021

Funk Motorsport and the BDC will be continuing the partnership into the 2021 season. That means that they will be the longest standing BDC partner, now entering the fourth year!

By now we are all sure you are very familiar with the Funk brand, as we’ve been working with them for so long, but for those of you not in the know, Funk Motorsport are the industry leaders when it comes to heat management products.

The full range they offer is constantly being rethought, redesigned and the team constantly fight to be at the top of their game. Funk Motorsport products are used across the highest levels of motorsport worldwide and the team are extremely proud of their roots within British Drifting.

Funk’s product range is extremely versatile and can be used to overcome almost any heat issue that you may be suffering with. The team also develop in house to provide custom thermal blankets and wraps, designed for extreme temperature drops for individual components. In short, Funk are experts in thermal management so are always on hand to support with any issues that you may have.

Keeping your bay temps down is a tried and tested method of improving performance and reliability out on the track, so whether you are a drifter or drive in another discipline, you’d benefit from checking out the Funk Motorsport range.

Once again we’d like to thank the guys over at Funk Motorsport for providing such long-standing support to the UK’s premier drift championship!

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