No, not the police. No, not the Miami basketball team. I mean heat. Good old thermal radiation. You know what heat does? It melts things. Lots of things. 

Now, take a drift car. Most drift cars spend a lot of time on the rev limiter when they are drifting. We at the BDC are not automotive engineers but it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that more revs means more heat. Additionally, the cars spend a lot of time with the front of the car not facing the direction of travel, which means no lovely cooling air flows over the engine bay. Then, after all this happens, the car then queues up in a grid with a whole bunch of other cars to wait for another run. 

As you can imagine, the under-bonnet temperatures in these cars range from pretty toasty to downright blistering. So all the stuff in your engine bay that isn’t metal – Hoses, reservoirs, coil packs, and so on – can be susceptible to turning into little more than a puddle of uselessness by the sheer heat. 

So what can you do to mitigate that? Well, that’s where Funk Motorsport come in! 

Funk Motorsport are Europe’s leading suppliers of automotive heat protection gear. Funk has an enormous range of thermal barrier sleeving, turbo insulation blankets, heat-reflecting sheets, exhaust wrap and heat-resistant tapes to ensure your engine bay stays cool, nothing melts and you can keep smashing out lap after lap without worrying about the integrity of the soft bits under the bonnet.

It’s not only your meltable components that will thank you though! Keeping the heat down in your engine bay means you can keep your inlet air temperature nice and cool. Cooler air is denser, which means you can burn more fuel, and that equals more power!

In addition to this, one issue which plagues drivers is just how hot it gets in the cockpit of their machines. Some drift cars get so hot that after a few runs, you can’t touch the floor. Funk heat management products ensure less heat bleeding through the bulkhead of the car, meaning the driver can stay cool and thinking clearly!

Running a turbo BMW inline-six, BDC Pro driver Josh King knows all about keeping the heat away from the vital components in the engine bay of his savage Bavarian barnstormer. 

“After shopping around for heat blankets and buying a new one every year, I thought I should look into a substantial upgrade due to my turbo being only a few centimetres away from my rocker cover and coil packs. So I opted for a Funk Motorsport blanket and I haven’t even looked at it since as I know they do exactly what they’re designed for! Along with the gold reflective tape on the coil protector panel I’ve not had a single problem with heat under the bonnet even when the aggressive anti lag is turned on to please the crowd, exhaust gas temps are soaring to 900 degrees and the turbo’s glowing!” – Josh King


So, what are you waiting for? Pick yourself up some quality heat management gear from the good people over at Funk and stay in the driver’s seat!

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