Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket MK3

Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket MK3

The amazing guys over at Funk Motorsport have done it again and stepped up the heat management game once more!
Their turbo blankets are well known for being high quality and long-lasting and are used by many drivers up and down the BDC grid.

So what does a turbo blanket do?

Turbo Blankets are designed for your high-performance car with a number of positive attributes in mind. So, what are the benefits of a turbo blanket? With the turbine housing of a turbo reaching maximum temperatures of around 700C, this can cause issues for all turbocharged vehicles, OEM or Modified, Race Car or Road Car.A Funk Motorsport turbo blanket can help to:
– Reduce Air Intake Temperatures, resulting in higher performance and more consistent performance figures.
– Improve spool-up times of your turbo.
– Lower Engine bay temperatures.
– Improve reliability of surrounding components in the engine bay

The brand new MK3 blanket is designed with the need to remove and refit in mind, which is truly a first for this product market.

You’ll also see how much faith they have in this product as Ryan places his hand on the top whilst this car is on the dyno! (please don’t try this at home!)

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