Gala Performance Partnership Continues into 2021!

We’ve loved working with the Gala Performance team in 2019 and 2020, and it’s an absolute pleasure to be keeping that partnership running into 2021.
Gala Performance (and their parent brand Gala Tent) is a Yorkshire-based firm, supplying all manner of gazebos, pit setups, banners, flags and of course, Swisstrax modular flooring. You can now find their goods all up and down the BDC paddocks, and hopefully, you’ll be able to get back in and take a closer look once we can safely open up pit access to the public once again!

You’ll also find Gala back having a brand presence at our events, if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we’ve got plenty of uses for pop up gazebos in our day to day lives, so it’ll give you the chance to not only see some of the product in person but also chat with the team and find out what suits your needs.
One thing that we love is when companies that we work with have great products, but it’s even better when it’s a company that has that product on the shelf, ready to go when you need it, meaning you can avoid horrendous lead times you might from a less capable supplier.

The Gala team is constantly innovating new ideas and really pushing the boundaries with how to market their product range, so we would definitely suggest checking out their social media channels for all kinds of enlightening and entertaining shows, as well as the tear jerking Christmas special.

We don’t need to tell you the benefit of buying good, long-lasting and high-quality products, as we’re sure you’ll have learned that lesson in life already. We will however tell you to buy a Gazebo from Gala performance, because it’s a brand we really believe in, and it’s exactly what we use at the BDC.

Gala Performance has seen huge growth since its introduction in 2016, and in recent years a huge portion of that can be attributed to Ryan Bracha, Business Development Manager. Ryan is a one-man band of great ideas with the capability to execute, and of course, a love of drifting! Ryan had the following to say on the 2021 Partnership –

“Since Gala Performance was formed back in 2016, the British Drift Championship was always one of the few series I felt could help to take us to a completely different level; when the opportunity presented itself to align our brand with the BDC, there was only ever going to be one outcome. Outside of the usual televised circuit racing, there are very few motorsport brands that attract such a fervent and loyal fanbase as the BDC, which I think is not just down to the competitors’ dedication to pushing their vehicles to the limits on the track, but also the tremendously ambitious way that Matt and his team present what they’re doing off of it. I can’t wait to get the season underway and see what we can achieve together.”

Matt Stevenson, BDC Director made the following statement about the continuing partnership –

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be continuing the relationship with Gala Performance, and I look forward to proving the further benefits of how long term relationships with the BDC can directly benefit your business. Working with a local company like Gala Performance is fantastic, we love a driven company that is always looking to keep expanding and are at the very top of their field, and them being on our doorstep is just an added bonus! The support they have provided us during 2020 was been key in us being able to deliver the season we did and helped enable us to launch our BDC Insider platform. We’re very excited to keep building on this for years to come.”

Make sure you look over the on the shelf range available through Gala Performance and their parent company Gala Tent, and of course check them out on social media to see some of the amazing content they are producing!

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