British weather.

It sucks, doesn’t it? There’s not a week that goes by when it doesn’t rain. You simply can’t escape it in this country. Now, what if you’d loaded your awesome, super-expensive and lovingly-cared-for drift machine into your enclosed trailer, hauled it to the track for a few days of savage drifting, and it’s pouring with rain?

Sitting or laying on wet concrete to change tyres or swap broken parts is not fun, to make no mention of the car being sat overnight with water pouring into the electrics and various other places where you’d prefer it not to be. 

Well, there are a few options. You head onto eBay or to your local supermarket and pick up a gazebo made of the finest Chinesium the Far East has to offer, or you pick up one of the highest quality awnings on the market from our friends over at Gala Performance.

Gala Performance are one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of motorsport hospitality equipment. Operated by a group of keen motor-racing enthusiasts, their range includes awnings, flags, marquees and barriers. Everything you need to set up your race pits is right here, you just need to add the race car!

So, your patch of tarmac is dry, but it’s still cold. And that’s horrible. But on the plus side it sounds like a perfect reason to invest in some quality garage flooring so you’re not rolling around on the cold ground. Gala Performance have you covered there too, as they are the official UK supplier for Swisstrax flooring!

The BDC paddock is awash with Gala Performance gazebos, with many drivers employing them to keep their precious machinery, and indeed themselves, protected from the elements.

With a boltless design, the gazebos can be erected in just a few minutes, and retracted and stowed in roughly the same time, which is exactly what you need after a four-hour drive to the event!


And, of course, you can customise the canopies to represent your team! One of the most important things to a lot of our drivers is their pit setup – indeed, it is their home away from home – and therefore they obsess over the details. 

Veteran BDC driver Ian “Bizz” Phillips uses a Gala Performance awning to store his incredible LS-Z under when he’s not out dooring people on-track!

“My team and I use a Gala Tent 3×6 Pro 50 gazebo in our pits. This proved to be a solid investment this season with the mix of weather we encountered. It provided great shelter from the sun or the heavy rain. It’s tough construction made it stand up to strong winds and the entire design makes it very easy to put up with no tools!” – Ian “Bizz” Phillips

Nobody likes being rained on, so make sure you pick yourself up a Gala Performance awning and stop letting the Great British weather dampen your spirits!

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