Have you got what it takes to drive in the BDC?

This year has proved many challenges for the drifting community, non more so than the financial impact many of us have suffered. This has made us undertake several changes to how we operate as a series and today we have another change to unveil for you.
As many of you know, the only way for a new driver to gain a license to compete in the British Drift Championship, is to progress through our official feeder series Driftcup.
After last week’s announcement that the Driftcup season for 2020 was being postponed until 2021 we wanted to make sure that the UK’s grassroots drivers still had the chance to compete this year. With this in mind we are pleased to introduce the BDC Pro 2 Permit.
Drivers can apply on a case by case basis to gain a permit, if you are approved you may register as a part of the Pro 2 class for this year only.
At the end of the year drivers will be reviewed again on a case by case basis, those who are able to prove themselves on a basis of strong qualifying scores and battle results, as well as proper driver conduct and promotion, will be offered the chance to take a Pro 2 license for 2021.
Any drivers who do not wish to continue in the BDC at the end of the year will still be valid to apply to compete in Driftcup in 2021.
This opportunity is for experienced competition drivers only, we’re looking for drivers who have already proved they have what it takes in another event or series. It’s also imperative that your car meets all BDC safety regulations which can be found here.

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