How Do You Win At Drifting?

Drifting is not scored on who finishes first. After qualifying, drivers are paired off in “battles” to see who is victorious in a tournament-style playoff system.

During a battle, each driver is given a lead run and a chase run. The lead driver has a bunch of factors to consider in order to swing  the battle in their favour. They have to drive a strong line (Just as they did in qualifying) in order to allow the driver behind them to chase. They also have to keep the car in a clean state of drift constantly, as straightening, spinning or dropping more than one wheel can lead to docked points or even a zero score. 

The chase driver has one thing on their mind – Proximity. The chase driver has to keep as close to the lead driver as possible, without making significant contact with them. In addition, the chase driver has to keep a good amount of angle as they drive, ensuring that they are not straightening up to try to catch the lead driver.

After both runs, the drivers await the answer from the judges. A panel of three judges will deliberate on who they believe was the superior driver across both battles. If they cannot split them, the judges can call for a One More Time to decide a winner, at which point the drivers will battle again. For the loser, their day is over. For the winner, they advance to the next round of competition. Eventually, one driver will be victorious over all the others!

Now you know how to win, maybe you should look at how to get started!

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