In it to win it: Do you want to drive Matt’s E92?

Every sticker you buy will get you one entry into the competition to win the chance to get behind the wheel of the LS powered E92!

If you’ve been tuned into BDC Insider you’ll have seen that Jon (the last winner) has completed his journey, through Pro tuition at RDX and has just had his turn behind the wheel of the E92.

Well, it was so popular last time we decided to do it again, but this time at half the cost! Just £10 for a sticker and each one will get you the chance to win –

  1. Come to the BDC HQ, hang out with the team and see the car
  2. A full day of Pro tuition at RDX behind the wheel of one of the 350Z’s
  3. A 3 Sister’s novice day behind the wheel of the E92 (With more pro tuition!)
  4. Drive the E92 in a drifting competition!

(Our last winner decided they were not ready to drive in a competition so we tweaked the prize to suit them, and if you’d prefer it we can do the same for you! Don’t worry you won’t miss out on any fun regardless!)

We’ll be making your journey into a series on BDC Insider as well!

We’ve got 1000 of the stickers up for grabs, and there is no limit to how many you can buy!

Last time this sold out in a week, so we’re expecting them to go fast, but if they’ve not all gone by January 5th we’ll look at setting a draw date for soon after!

Some T’s & C’s –

The BDC will pay for the cost of fuel and tyres for the E92.

We do expect you to treat the car and the team with respect at all times, failure to adhere to this can result in the prize being terminated.

The E92 is a drift car, and it can break. If it should break during a day filming and we’re unable to fix it, sadly that day will be over, although we’ll still make sure we all have a good time!

The stickers may take a little while to ship but we’ll be working on it as soon as we can!

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