Irish Drift Series 2020

We are very happy to hear that good friend of the championship Eddie Power will be stepping up to take the reigns on competitive drifting across the pond.

With the news that they will be hosting 4 rounds, along with a licensing day, we know many drivers both established and up and coming will want to test their hand at the truly amazing level of talent Ireland has to offer.

So how does the licensing effect driving in the BDC? We’ll break it down and keep it simple.

Drivers who gain a license via the licensing day on April 8th will be eligible for a BDC Pro 2 license providing they have not registered to compete in Driftcup in 2020 (or last year in 2019).

Drivers who hold a Pro-Am IDS license will be able to compete in the BDC Pro 2 class, providing the above rule is not applicable.

Drivers who hold a Pro IDS license will be able to compete in the BDC Pro class.

Any promotion in the IDS between series does not guarantee parallel promotion within the BDC, every driver will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

We hope that makes this clear but if you have any questions just drop us a message.

We wish Eddie and the rest of the team all the best with the new season, we can tell you first hand the difficulty of building a series up from scratch, but we know the passion and dedication they all have for the sport will transition into an incredible experience.

I’m sure the BDC team will be over to come and spectate before the years up, and who knows, you might even see the IDS and the BDC go head to head in competition sometime in the future!

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