People don’t realise just how much work goes on inside an engine.In modern cars, engine control units are monitoring dozens of different parameters, hundreds of times a second, to ensure the maximum amount of efficiency is achieved.  

Stock ECUs can only go so far, however.

The reality is that on the BDC grid, very few cars are running a stock engine management system. An awful lot of the grid are utilising engines swapped in from another car, and those that don’t usually have engines so radically altered from the factory configuration that it’s simply not possible to use a stock ECU reliably. So what do you do?

Well, that’s easy. You buy a LINK ECU. LINK are one of the industry leaders in engine management technology, and stock a huge variety of ECUs, one to suit every build! LINK’s universal wire-in ECUs range from the simple Fury all the way up to the state-of-the-art Monsoon X.

If the idea of having to laboriously wire in the ECU scares you, don’t worry! LINK sell a plug-and-play engine management system for dozens of different models of car! 

It doesn’t just stop at the ECUs though! LINK can supply almost everything you require to monitor your engine, including sensors, looms and ignition systems! And we all know, nothing says racecar quite like a digital driver display!

LINK ECUs are the most popular ECU in the championship by far, and you can even find one under the dash of two-time UK champ Duane McKeever! LINK ECU’s will deal with a variety of swaps, including that of up-and-coming Pro 2 driver Matt Holder, who’s 1UZ-powered BMW E36 sports a LINK Storm.

“I’ve literally had zero problems with the ECU in the 2 years I’ve had it. If I ever had issues with the car my tuner can log in remotely and map the car whilst I was on-track. The dash setup is really easy to use, navigate and set up to allow different gauges and views, so I’m always sure what my engine is doing. Plus the external port mapping means I have my launch control set to a button on top of the hydro when I feel like showing off!” – Matt Holder

Another satisfied customer! If you’re looking for the right management system for your build, make sure you check out LINK!

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