Link ECU to continue BDC Partnership for 2021.

One brand which has never strayed far from the UK and Irish drifting scene is of course, LINK Engine Management. LINK have been providing ECUs to the BDC grid since 2012, and to this day remain the most popular engine management system in the entire championship.

LINK began 30 years ago and have grown to become a global leader in the engine management game. LINK have a range of products that exceed the demands of any driver and are relied on all over the world for their reliability, ease of use, value for money and performance.

As LINK have continued to grow in reputation, they have also drawn in drivers from all over the globe in multiple disciplines of motorsport, but with a particular focus on drifters. Currently, LINK’s partner programme features thousands of drivers including Worthouse Drift, the Shanahans, Daigo Saito, Justin Pawlak, Andy Gray and Duane McKeever to name a few.

In the UK, LINK ECUs are utilised extensively, and you will find them in the cars of Adam Simmons, Matt Stevenson, Oliver Silcock, David Goldstraw and roughly half of the grid.
And rightfully so! There is no good reason to sink thousands and thousands into your race engine build only to have a cheap and ineffectual engine management system blow it to smithereens!

So, do yourself a favour and invest in the best ECU money can buy for your build!

That’s why we are pleased to announce we will be extending our partnership with Link ECU into the 2021 season. It’s the support of brands like Link ECU that will be helping us to turn the action up to 11 this year, so make sure you check out the full range of products they can offer.

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