Lockdown with Adam Simmons

Whilst we have a little time spare courtesy of the lockdown we figured why not catch up with some of the BDC drivers and see how they were doing, and what their expectations are for 2020!

First up is Slide Motorsport driver Adam Simmons, who had an amazing season behind the wheel of his LS swapped Z4 build.


So, after a season in 2018 that was plagued with car trouble you had a complete switch around for 2019, a brand new build, and you finished 4th overall, how does it feel and what are your expectations for 2020?

2019 with the new car was unbelievable! I was expecting to have a year of teething issues, it’s very rare for a brand new build to work straight out of the box, but Jason at Clark customs did an awesome job building the z4.

Expectations for 2020…. We’ve done a lot of upgrades on the car this winter to make it faster with more power and new suspension from Yellow Speed. My car was lacking pace compared to Wonnacott and Evans last year, having half their power, this year we’re coming back with some speed to take that top spot!

What upgrades have you made for more power and what sort of figures is it making now?

We’ve fitted a cam and had the Link ECU remapped, it’s now 500bhp, it’s still not silly power like some drivers have on the grid, but more than enough for my little car!

So making the change from 2JZ to LS, and now getting to grips with a V8, would you say you are happy with the change and for the people who don’t know, what is it that makes a big difference to how the car drives?

I’m really happy running a V8 instead of the JZ. They’re a lot easier to drive without the turbo lag and make a lot of low down torque, which gets you out of trouble if you make a slight mistake. I’m a massive fan of the V8 over a 6 or 4 cylinder, it’s so much simpler and don’t have as much to go wrong!

As well as you having had a great season, it was also a huge upturn for Slide Motorsport, with you guys taking the Constructors Championship at last! What do you think helped you all to finally make the push and claim it?

The Slide team has finished 2nd or 3rd in the constructor’s championship every season since 2013, it was like a curse! To finally win was awesome as a team, we had a really good year with me finishing 4th and Stu finishing near the top of Pro-Am and gaining his Pro licence.

Hopefully we can stay on top this year as a team, although I know there will be some tough competition with a lot of new teams for #BDC2020. Team Betty’s Surf will be real hard to beat with Martin Wanacott, Josh Payne and Jamie Stanton teaming up!

Obviously with your finishing position from last year, you are one of the names being talked about for the championship this time around, do you think you have what it takes to win?

I’ve definitely got what it takes to win! With the new setup in the car and the new tyres we’re on for 2020, Slide is running the Extreme Tyres VR2 in a super sticky S3 compound.

It’s not just about the car and driver, you can’t do it without an Awsome team behind you prepping the car before events and looking after it in the pits, we have that with the Slide crew and Jason from Clark Customs looking after the car!

I’ve also been driving my missile car a lot over the offseason to keep my head in the game!

Who is the Slide team for this year on the track, and who’ve you got helping behind the scenes?

The team is just the same as last year…

Drivers are me, Stu Jones, Jason Clark and Ash Jones.

In the pits, we have John Neville who has been crew since we started competing, Josh and Sam who are the grafters, changing all the wheels and tyres, then we also have Dave and Howard (Stu and Ash’s dad), helping to keep the cars running!

As drivers we can’t thank these lads enough for coming to every event and helping so we can just concentrate on the driving!

Is there anywhere else we are going to see you competing this year besides BDC? If you do win the championship would you think about going for DMEC in 2021?

I’m just planning to do BDC this year, so long as coronavirus disappears! I’ve not got the budget for anything out of the U.K. this year.

I’d love to go do a season of Drift Masters but realistically I think it would just be a dream, I’m self-employed so couldn’t really afford to have the time off work to drive between the events.

Are we going to see the vlog return for 2020?

I was doing the vlogs on my phone, then at Round 3 of BDC the torrential rain before my qualifying run soaked my phone as I was lowering my tyre pressures and made the camera stop working so the vlogs stopped!

I have a few ideas of videos I want to do at BDC this year so you will have to wait and see what I put together!

And then final question, is there anyone you want to give a shout out?

Gotta say a massive thank you to all the companies that support me and the car and keep me out on the track! Slide Motorsport, DKM, link ECU, Yellow Speed Racing, Rock Oil, HEL Performance, OBP Motorsport, Clark Customs, Rota Wheels and last but not least all the fans that come and say hi and show support at the events!

So that was our catch up with Adam Simmons ahead of this season, you can find him on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube so make sure you like and follow his pages!

Keep your eyes peeled for more of our Lockdown interviews coming soon!





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