Lockdown with Josh King

Whilst we have a little time spare courtesy of the lockdown we figured why not catch up with some of the BDC drivers and see how they were doing, and what their expectations are for 2020!

In 2019 Josh King blew away everyone’s expectations with some of the most exciting driving that was on offer! He proved himself time and time again as one to watch and finished the year near the top of the grid and earned his move up to the Pro class.


Last season definitely felt full of ups and downs for you, from an incredible 3 1st place finishes to a heartbreaking defeat at Buxton and losing the title, talk us through how it all felt.

Yeah, first round I went in with no intentions of actually getting a podium, let alone a first-place finish but the first time using the car on the new set up and it was just so easy to drive with the PO Performance front end set up and Greg at Protuner making it so responsive! Then dropped a valve at Silverstone, whilst flat out in 4th, and that was it for the next two rounds so I took the E34 out, but it was thrown together with problems and no time to sort them out. (Still not sorted now “effort” haha).
Then it was time for NEC and what a fun round that was! I wish we had that every year! Then onto 3 Sisters which is one of my favourites, so just sent it and found myself back up on the podium!

Then the last round was a disaster. A good track but I was testing out the anti-lag, which had just been mapped in, it made the car feel a little different to normal, with the revs holding up and pushing on. I should have just left it off, to be honest, but everyone knows you need all the noise! I managed to qualify and come up against Willy Hanna. Then I messed up my entry from trying to turn the anti-lag on before initiation as I’d forgotten to. Ended up with a late entry, so I knew in my chase I’d have to go all out, and that’s what I did. Across the centre of the track, I threw probably one of the biggest dives in my life onto the door and knew I had to just keep the aggression. Unfortunately coming into the roundabout Willy dropped two wheels right into the only puddle left that night, and it went all over the windscreen! I couldn’t see a thing and it was a case of carrying on blind and end up running the car into the wall or let off so I could try and find the fuse for the wipers. I’d been too lazy to wire in a switch at the time! I chose to let off which straightened me just before the finish so I was hoping judges would have seen what had gone on. Still not sure if they did or not, but the main man himself went on to absolutely smash the last round! So 3 out of 6 rounds and still coming in joint 3rd in the points situation, I can’t complain. Just imagine what it would have been like if I had the main car for rounds 2 and 3, can’t help but wonder how much it would have changed it!

Yeah behind the wheel of the E36 you seemed unstoppable! What are you doing with it for this season? From what I have seen on Facebook you certainly look busy rebuilding it!

It’s a brand new refreshed shell and tube work courtesy of Jamie at Must Weld Motorsport, his work that’s gone into the car is like artwork! So stiffer all together and less metalwork and more fibreglass, for easier repairs ahead of the dooring and wall rubs. Everything else I’ve left the same as it’s just worked from the off! I’ve never had a good looking car due to never painting it properly or just doing half a job , but the boys over at ODD Autos, who do a load of weird and wonderful contraptions, painted if for me inside and out so it’s the cleanest car I’ll ever own that’s for sure! It’s like glass, which makes me not want to ruin it, but needs must! Along with that, I’ve had County Powdercoating making the underside stand out with the new colour!

Can’t wait to see it done! So you’re sticking with the m50 engine? Can you tell us a bit about it as it’s a real standout on a grid dominated by JZ’s and V8’s!

Of course. It’s a lot of engine in there now! Fully forged, fully built head. All the shiny bits to go with it. It’s a better flowing head then the JZ’s so no point in changing from something that works. Full boost at 3200RPM will do me just fine!
Don’t mind me a dirty V8 mind just lazy power I suppose. Maybe when I sort the E34 out, “maybe” is the keyword here, and get it more competitive I’ll try using it again. But for now, the E36 is my first choice

So moving onto this year, you’re stepping up to the Pro class, you proved yourself there on a few occasions before, how do you think you will do over the full season and what is your aim for the season, think you can have that title?

I’m hoping to make an impact, but it’s going to be hard with some of the big names. I’m in a team with basically my twin driver Mr Evans, just got to send it in hardstyle, so yeah hopefully I’ll put on a good show. Going for the title would be hard but I shall give it my best shot!

It’ll be great to see you guys team, the battle you had at Three Sisters last year was one of the most exciting of the year in my opinion! What was going through your mind during that?

He just likes crashing into people what can I say haha! I was just thinking we’ve both got dry setups on and it’s just started raining and the tracks soaked, so I’ll just close my eyes and hope for the best haha!

In the latter half of last year, you had BDC legend Martin Richards give you some support on the car, was that something that made a difference for you?

Yeah, he’s actually always set the car up for me, once he set it up he went straight out in it, around Mexico, and I’ll never forget what he said as soon as he stopped shredding my new tyres, “If you don’t win with that you’ll be doing something wrong!”, I think he liked the car to be fair! But yeah he’s always set it up and this time along with the CLM lock kit it just dialled it all in together. So if you want a proper car to drive Martin, I’ll lend you mine haha!

Are there any drivers in the Pro class you’re hoping to go up against this year?

I’d like a rematch with Ollie now I’ve got a championship to try to take, maybe for the podium so we can gain some constructors points along the way as well! But there are some big cars out there with some big power. But powers isn’t everything unless it’s usable power. Some of the Pro 2 lot moving up are savage drivers and I’d like to get out with them as well!

Yeah if I am right you never went up against Martin Cowley last year, who do you think would be the winner of that?

He’s one I never went up against, but again a savage driver, just needs that little more grip from when we went on a demo day last year, but I believe now on he’s on 18s it’ll be close. Hopefully we shall see this year!

It would be an amazing match up whichever way the result goes I am sure!  To take it back to the beginning, what made you get started in drifting and what gave you the idea you wanted to compete?

My best mate had an E34, it’s actually the one I’ve got now since he decided to move to New Zealand. He had just put an NA M60 in it. We spent 5 weeks of summer swapping it all into a touring for him to then decide he wanted a saloon, so guess what, we swapped it all into a saloon! So I bought myself an E36 318i and swapped it with an M50, and away I went with the love of M50’s! Back then Birmingham Wheels was my local and from then it just progressed and other people were saying I should try competition, so I went for it!

Who are the drivers you most look up to or get inspired by?

I’m not really one for knowing drivers or even watching the sport, let alone any sport. I’m more of a doer, not a watcher. But the likes of line driving from James Deane is just unreal and pretty much spot on all the time! And anyone else who can line drive spot on 99% of the time!

Final question, what have you been doing to keep yourself sane during the lockdown?

I’m still working away keeping customers on the road and farmers plowing on through these times! But it’s weird I’ve got a lot more free time and since lockdown, I’ve not touched the car to carry on building it!

Anyone you want to give a shoutout?

A big shout out to all my friends and family who have come over to help out getting the car somewhat finished and to be ready on time! Also without my sponsors I wouldn’t be able to do it in the car that I have, so big up to them!
Mustweld motorsport for all your fabrication needs!
ODD Autos who simply have made the car look like art! Any paint needs then give them a design and they’ll sort you out! 
Big Red who will rebuild any calliper for you in what colour you want for probably cheaper then you can buy off the shelf!
PO Performance and Coelmotorsport for the constant help with parts!
And also myself and my old man at JKServices providing the funds to carry on with this crazy sport!

Keep up to date with Josh’s new build as well as how he gets on in the Pro class this year on Facebook and Instagram.

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