Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Much in the same way you can’t survive unless you’ve got roughly five litres of the sanguine fluid coursing through your veins, your engine is gonna have a terrible time if it doesn’t have any lubricating liquid running around the moving parts.

We shouldn’t need to explain the importance of oil, but as an abridged version, most engines have a significant amount of metal-to-metal contact within their inner workings, which, without proper lubrication, can cause excess wear and damage to each other, if the engine itself doesn’t just heat up and seize.

As you may have noticed, the engines in the cars competing in the BDC are not your typical engines, and therefore they don’t require your typical oil. They spend an extremely long time pounding the rev limiter, and the temperatures soar. Chucking in the cheap oil you pick up in your local Halfords is highly unlikely to get the job done. Quality oil with high film strength is something that is essential and should never be an oversight or an afterthought.

Fortunately, our good friends over at Lucas Oil Products UK have all the slippy stuff you could ever need for any engine, right the way from two-strokes to heavy duty diesels! Lucas oil grades span the whole range right from the super-thin 5W-20 requested by some modern engines all the way up to 20W-50 oils designed for use in finely-tuned, high stress, racing applications. Lucas even stock special blends of high-mileage oil for your faithful but neglected old tow-rig. 

“But”, I hear you cry “what about all the other bits of my car that need lubrication?”. Thanks for asking. Lucas have you covered there, with a huge range of transmission fluid and gear oil, and differential oil! They’ve even got their own high-grade blend of lithium grease to quiet your squeaky poly-bushes and assembly lube for when you’re putting your engine back together after your poor quality oil cost you dearly.

And it doesn’t stop with products to keep your car sweet on the inside, either! Lucas’ SlickMist detailing line has everything you need to keep your car looking it’s best too! Lucas were kind enough to sponsor the BDC’s Hard Charger award for 2020, and each lucky winner was awarded a free SlickMist detailing kit to get rid of the tyre marks!

And if being a championship partner isn’t enough, Lucas are also proud to sponsor 2019 champ Oliver Evans!

Lucas aren’t just looking to sponsor the biggest names in the bizz though, they are also fully committed to supporting grassroots level racers and automotive enthusiasts with great prices on quality oil products through their LORDC scheme!

So, we’ve told you how important good quality oil is for your ride, and the best place in the UK to pick it up from, what are you waiting for? Grab some Lucas Oil Products today and treat your engine the way it deserves!

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