New BDC Accessories!

People who want to support something do so in many different ways. A common way to do it is through merchandise. Hats, shirts, hoodies, and so on. We at the BDC are fortunate to have a dedicated core fanbase, and which are really happy to show their support. Trust us when we say that we are always happy to see people rocking our T-shirts, hats and hoodies!

But, if you want to show your support without having to wear the same T-Shirt day in and day out, our new line of accessories is the way to do it!

You can now show your love and support for the BDC all day and every day with our new line of Lanyards! These high quality printed lanyards with metal clips are perfect for holding your keys and passes, hanging them from your rear-view mirror or just being an all-around cool accessory. Choose between our classic BDC Logo Lanyard, or our new Insider design showing off some of the coolest cars to grace our 2019 grid!


If lanyards aren’t your thing, fear not! You can decorate your toolbox or cover up that unsightly rust patch on your car with our new line of Slap Stickers! There are standard gloss black, white and red stickers for those with more simple tastes or you can get a pink, gold, red or silver glitter slap for maximum hotboi points!

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