Partnership Success Stories

We don’t want you to just listen to us, here are some words from the long-term partners of the series!

Gala Performance

The BDC and Gala Performance are now in the 4th year of partnership, and it has been an overwhelming success story.

2019 – 300% return on investment
2020 – 1600% return on investment
2021 – 700% return on investment
2022 – Recouped the investment in less than 3 months!

Ryan Bracha, Head of Business Development, had the following to say about the partnership –

“I can honestly say that our four-year adventure alongside the British Drift Championship to date, has been by far the most satisfying business partnership we have been involved with, not only in terms of the financial return on our continued investment, but also in terms of attention and engagement from a strategic partner. Whilst the operational team is relatively small, they are heavily invested in ensuring their partners’ brands are exposed to the massive online audience that the BDC has. 

We have seen six figure returns on low five figure investments during our time as key sponsors of the series, and I put a lot of this down to the deep sense of community that comes with the drifting scene. The majority of the customers we have gained from BDC-related activity say that they made their purchase because they want to support the organisations that support the championship that they love. This kind of brand loyalty is unrivalled, and I’m excited to see where else this partnership can go.
The BDC is a relevant, dynamic operation with an exhilarating product and a huge audience, and the most exciting thing is that it has potential to go stratospheric. I would have no hesitation in recommending that a business invests time and money into a strategic partnership with them.”

Link ECU

Link ECU and the BDC have a huge history together! After a brief hiatus in 2019 Link rejoined as a partner and have continued to use the British Drift Championship as a tool to continue their market dominance within the Drifting category.

John Lynd, General Manager, had the following to say on the partnership –

“As motorsport is in our DNA, we strive to remain active in our relationships with drivers and championships alike. We are therefore excited and proud to be working for a third consecutive year with the BDC. We are humbled that our brand is synonymous with the sport of drifting and this partnership is a great way to remain at the heart of a growing, dynamic and exhilarating sport. Be sure to check out the details of our extensive product range of ECUs and accessories as well as where to find your local Link stockist at We’d love to support your new build or next project and help you unleash the power of your engine.”


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