Scottish Invasion – Chrissy Nailen

The Scottish Invasion!

For Part 3 of our new series, we meet Chrissy Nailen, a man who has been dedicated to drifting since the mid 90’s! Our OPS manager Toby caught up with him on the back of his first-place finish at Round One of 2022!

Over the last few years, we have seen newer chassis become more frequently used. Right now, we have hit a wave of E92 builds! The work HGK put into its Eurofighter model, more parts being readily available and the increase in the cost of the earlier 3 series, will see the E92 be around for a while. A great example of this is Chrissy Nailen’s, a Scottish fan favourite and crowd-pleaser on track. We managed to grab a few words with him ahead of the Driftland festival.

Last year was a hard season on the car, did you make many changes during the off-season?

The only changes I made this year for the car were a fresh radiator, cooler and upgrading to an Ecu Master dash. Then on top of that, I also managed to sort out my propshaft and diff issues!

How was Round One for you?
Honestly, it wasn’t the best start, after going backward into the tyres on my first practise run and came away with smashed panels and a bent exhaust. After that, I drove the car angry and you’d never believe it but I won Pro 2!

I remember last year wasn’t great for you at Driftland?
Yeah last year Driftland didn’t go to plan. After crank trigger issues meant the car was really down on power and it ended up being the first time ever I didn’t qualify for battles, I was gutted.

Does being a Driftland regular gives you an advantage?
To be honest, even though I know Driftland like the back of my hand, I always seem to end up making a stupid mistake that ends up putting me out!


Well, let’s hope that Chrissy doesn’t fall foul of his Driftland curse next month as we head north for The Driftland festival. Are you going to be there to see how he gets on?

If you didn’t already see Part 2 of this feature with Steven McConnell make sure you check it out!


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