Scottish Invasion – Billy Murray

The Scottish Invasion!

Over the last few years, Scottish drifting has really put itself on the map. With Driftland being a center point for the community to keep developing, and SDC becoming an official feeder series we’re seeing loads of talent make their way onto the Pro 2 Grid. Our Ops Manager Toby has been catching up with the drivers ahead of the Driftland Festival…

One guy I’ve been keeping an eye on this year is Billy Murray, after getting the chance to compete after a podium finish in SDC, one of our current feeder series. His car stands out from the crowd, as we head to Driftland. I am left wondering, is there a hometown advantage for this up-and-coming driver?

So Billy, tell us about your car?
My car is a BMW E36 touring with a V8 S62 engine from an E39 M5, modified hubs, rear radiator set up, painted in luminous yellow!

Have you made many changes to the car since last season?
When I bought the car it was in a bit of a state, but I had no time before the final last year to fix anything major, but this year my sponsors really pulled it out of the bag, Dean at Peregrine Performance had the task of getting the car mechanically sound and John at Blackworx Body Shop brought the luminous yellow idea I had to life!

The colour definitely stands out, I’m a fan. How are you feeling ahead of Driftland and being on home soil?
I would love to say I’m quietly confident about competing on home turf but the level of driving these days is outstanding, so I’ll just need to give my all and hopefully do well.

Could you tell me about the step up to BDC and how it felt to head out for the first time?
I got 2nd place on the podium at round 3 of Scottish Drift Championship 2021 with my wee M50 compact, I then had 3 weeks till round 4 at Teesside to buy a car that was BDC compliant and get all the safety gear I needed. So I bought the S62 powered touring, it needed a lot of work to be ready but we got there in the end! I didn’t manage to get all the safety gear I needed but my friend said we could share his (HANS Device) at round 4 and when we got there I was a nervous wreck! Then I took my car to get checked by the scrutineer (Bradley Wallbank) we were having a chat about my timeline to get to round 4 and he disappeared into his van and came back with a bag full of his safety gear for me to use for the weekend which I honestly couldn’t believe, I was so humbled! To be honest, the chat we had calmed my nerves significantly. Sitting on the grid, in a car I had never driven before, in a competition that was a completely different level from anything I have experienced was terrifying! I managed to qualify but sadly put out in my top 32 battle so that was the end of my weekend but all in all a great experience.

Tell me something funny about yourself?

The apprentice in my old work tried the brake cleaner trick to pop a bead on a tyre and it exploded and set my face on fire, I was running around like Ghost Rider for around a minute!  Also met my fiancé with that melted face!

So there you have it, will this likely Scottish lad make his first BDC podium? I guess you’ll have to join us at the Driftland festival to find out!
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