Scottish Invasion – Steven McConnell

The Scottish Invasion!

Welcome back for Part 2 of our Scottish Invasion series, where we will be catching up with the talented lads from the far North who have been shaking up the championship for the last couple of years! Of course, we couldn’t do this series without speaking with the underdog turned championship contender Steven McConnell. Our ops manager Toby had a chat with him ahead of the Driftland Festival event.

They say consistency is key, and I’d say Steven McConnell is one of the most consistent! Another great driver hailing from north of the Scottish border. His car isn’t a stranger to the grid but I’d say last year he definitely put his mark on it. I’ve noticed when it comes to the Scottish lads, their colour choice for cars isn’t subtle, I guess it’s good to stand out and this car sure does that. 

Tell me a little about your current car?

It’s S13 Onevia so a 1991 Nissan Silvia KPS Chassis running a 2JZ-GTE making roughly 500bhp at the wheels. It’s got Gforce 4-speed dogbox with a GTR rear end, Walton Exhaust Manifold coupled to a Precision Turbo and Turbosmart Wastegate.

We’re running Link ECU engine management, Funk Motorsport heat protection and Wisefab Steering & HSD Suspension. Then on the outside, it’s got a TH Components Bodykit and custom Yellow Paint job & Wrap.

Did you change much for the 2022 season?
Last year we were plagued with turbo boost pressure issues and had to run the car on wastegate spring pressure. This year we have partnered with Walton Motorsport and we are now running one of their Exhaust Manifolds. The new setup has given us proper control over the boost pressure and is allowing the car to make more power and do it more efficiently.

How was Teeside for you?

1st Place Qualifier and 5th Place overall finish!

Extremely pleased with our performance in round 1. Always hoping for a podium finish but this was a really good start to the season and sets us up well going forward.

As we head back to Driftland can you think back to how was it for you last year?
Believe it was a 5th place finish for us last year at Driftland during round 2. Was a very stressful round as we were still trying to solve fuel pressure and boost control issues at the time.

So Drifltand is home turf. How do you feel about this?

Absolutely buzzing about it. Love driving at my home track in front of a home crowd. Really hoping to take advantage of having my local round early on in the season to secure championship points.

Surprise me with a fun fact?
I recently became a father for the first time and will be bringing my boy Max McConnell along to events this year. He already has his pit crew vest and race suit sorted so will be starting his training to become a future drifter shortly.

Guess we best watch out for Max in a few years !! But for now, let’s see what Steven can achieve as we head to Driftland next month for round 2 of the 2022 British Drift Championship!

If you haven’t checked out part one you can do so here.

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