We’re very happy to continue our ongoing partnership with the team at Simpson Europe for another year. Simpson is the first and only name you need to know when it comes to motorsport safety.

We’re always pushing the championship in terms of publicity and raising the level of competition, and what most people won’t realise is that in the background we are always pushing for driver safety to be improved as well.

With the backing and support of a brand like Simpson Europe, our drivers know that we have the right experts on hand to ensure that competitors stay safe whilst competing in the series. This is now beginning to cascade down with our official feeder series Driftcup introducing a mandatory HANS device for all drivers competing in their seeded class. We all love drifting for being the loud and exhilarating motorsport that it is, but this doesn’t mean we will cut any corners on keeping everyone safe on the track.

You can find out more about the incredible safety range offered by Simpson Europe on their website as well as staying up to date with all things safety in the motorsport world on their Facebook page.

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