The weirdest UK drift cars ever

The weirdest UK drift cars ever

We recently tasked Harry with the job of figuring out what the weirdest cars to ever see competition in the UK were. He went off on his way and came back with a list that actually left us speechless. Let us know which one is your favourite! 

So, we’re all aware of what the usual choices are for drivers competing in UK drifting. And yes, whilst we have seen more than our fair share of S-Bodies and BMW 3 Series, what about those drivers that decided to go wild and build something totally different? Let’s discuss a few…

Phil Randall – 13B Mazda Pickup

Pickup trucks, despite their low weight and often RWD configuration are somewhat rare in drifting. However, the Mazda B2500 has a cult following and a few around the world have been built into drifters.
XDR Motors bossman Phil Randall decided to keep his drift truck all-Mazda and transplanted a 13B rotary engine from an RX7. The custom built beast sounds insane and looks insane sideways!

Instagram: @xdr_motors

Tom Simpson – 2JZ Mk1 Escort Panel Van

Tom “Rusty” Simpson has a love for Classic Fords that even extends to drifting. His old Ford 100E has now been replaced with something even more insane.
Tom’s new steed is a Mk1 Escort Panel Van (yes, a PANEL VAN) which has been bestowed with a 2JZ heart. Unconventional by any stretch of the imagination but it all blends together perfectly to create an extremely competent drift machine!

Instagram: @rustysliderdrift

Mark Brown – V8 Turbo Subaru Impreza

Ex-tank mechanic Mark Brown has never wanted a conventional drift car, and to this end, he sought a chassis which was much more famous for rallying. Powered by a turbocharged BMW V8, a sequential box and a full 350Z rear end, the car has seen a BDC podium and has often been credited as one of the fastest and most grippy cars on the Pro 2 grid!

Instagram: @1ststartdriftdevelopments

Teemu Petolta – OM606 Mercedes Estate

Coming to the BDC for just one round as a guest driver in 2013, Teemu Petolta showed up to Pembrey with a Mercedes C-Class Estate. A strange enough proposition for a drift car in itself. But then to find that the car was equipped with a OM606 turbodiesel engine. And it was also supercharged. And had nitrous on it. Wait, what?
Teemu’s black-smoke-spewing beast has had some alterations over the years but retains it’s OM606 setup, and Teemu is still wheeling it around to this day!

Instagram: @teemupeltola

Marc Huxley – SR20 RA28 Toyota Celica

Dark horse Marc Huxley has always had a flair for building unconventional drift machinery. Entering the championship in his SR-powered KE70 before migrating to a BMW V8-equipped Volvo 240, Huxley then built possibly one of the coolest cars we’ve ever had grace our grid!
An RA28 Celica with basically a full S-Chassis setup underneath was incredible to watch and for one of the lower-powered cars in Pro, very competitive. The car still exists today and is currently in the safe hands of Mr Karl Farrar.

Instagram: @huxleymotorsport (or current owner @what_would_dango_do)

David Waterworth – Chrysler 300C

This is possibly the most unconventional chassis ever fielded in the UK. The big American gangster chariot, longer than a Range Rover and wider than a Land Cruiser, is about as far removed from a drift car as you can possibly get aside from it’s FR layout.
But, after Scotsman David Waterworth retired his Viper V10 powered S15, he was in search of a new chassis to transplant the monster lump into. This machine was the first and so far only 300C competition car anywhere in the world, and despite only being employed for one season, left a lasting impression.

Instagram: N/A

Charlie Seward – Jaguar E-Type

The drift car that makes Jaguar purists harrumph in horror, disbelief and disgust in equal components, Charlie Seward’s incredible Jag E Type Lightweight replica sports 1JZ power and a ton of custom built components. The people irritated by the desecration of such a classic would likely be whistling a different tune if they knew that the car was dragged out of Charlie’s grandad’s barn IN TWO PIECES. Yeah, how’s that for a glow-up?

Instagram: @charlies_classic_n_custom

Phil Morrison – DW86

Okay, it’s most definitely one of the more “conventional” drift cars on the list when you look at the components involved. However, absolutely nobody can deny that the DW86 is as far removed from it’s 124bhp origins as it’s possible to get. A fire breathing, LSX powered, 700hp, Quaife-shifted, 18×11 rocking complete bastion of insanity was borne from the skunkworks of Dynotorque, and quickly became a crowd favourite.
Will we see it in BDC again? Fingers crossed.

Darren McNamara – Sprint Car PS13

Again, an awfully conventional sounding drift chassis. In fact it’s probably one of the most
common. So what makes Darren McNamara’s so weird?
Well, the Group D bossman has never been a shrinking violet when it comes to his chariots.
When it came to choosing an engine for his new PS13, it was never going to be the typical LS or
Instead, the monster PS is powered by an F1 sprint car V8 with possibly the most aggressive
aero we’ve ever seen on a drift car. And it’s left-hand drive. Wait, what?
Instagram: @dmac86official

Axel Hildebrand – 20B Corvette

There really isn’t much to be said about this car. It’s debut broke the internet and sent waves to all corners of the drifting community. Powered by a triple rotor Mazda Rotary engine and a stonking great turbo in a full carbon Kevlar body and clad with a set of Blitz 03s in insane sizes, Axel’s parallel-universe LS3 “unconversion” is almost ready to throw down. I for one am very much looking forward to watching when it happens.

Instagram: @axel.turbo


So, there you have it. What other unconventional builds will we see in the future? Anyone’s guess…

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