TurboZentrum and BDC partnership continues!

Nothing is more fun than making a car go faster. Auto racing was invented approximately ten seconds after the second ever car was built, and from those early days of whipping “horseless carriages” down dirt tracks at a blistering nine miles an hour to an industry worth almost $380 billion (yeah, with a “B”) globally in 2019. It is impossible to underestimate the sheer magnitude of the aftermarket parts industry in this day and age.

So, it’s now pretty well-established that we like to make cars go fast. So it’s unsurprising then, that a company would be established to bring quality performance parts all under one roof.

This is where TurboZentrum comes in. Established in 2004 as an online performance parts retailer, TurboZentrum has expanded greatly since then, maintaining two retail stores, one in Berlin, Germany, and one in Manchester, England.

If at some point the opportunity presents itself to visit TurboZentrum UK’s headquarters in Manchester, you’ll be treated to what can only be described as a Mecca for performance parts. Everything you could need to build an engine, plumb a fuel system, turbocharge a car and keep your ride cool, you can find courtesy of TurboZentrum UK!

This will be our second year working with TurboZentrum UK as partners, and we are pleased to welcome them back on board for 2021! In fact, TurboZentrum are not only our partners for the  2021 season, they are also set to be the presenting sponsor of the brand new Pro 3 championship!

TurboZentrum UK are so keen on working with us at the BDC that they’ve even organised a discount for all fans of the BDC! Using code BDCML will grant you 10% off ALL performance parts sold by TurboZentrum UK! So now there’s no excuse to not finish your project!

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